Take your pleasure in the atmosphere of the restaurant – indoor the hotel and outdoor – along the natural lake. Enjoy the home-like coziness, the savoury selected cuisine and the perfect service.

You can book your lunch or dinner in the restaurant, as well as your parties on special occasions.


First of all we take care of our clients. For that reason our menu is conform to a variety of tastes and our dishes are prepared on the spot from high quality products, observing the hygienic requirements to the maximum. Along with the traditional Bulgarian cuisine you can taste dishes, characteristic for that region of the country.


The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and the attention of our team of professionals predispose our guests to relaxation and to spend pleasant and adequate holidays. The cuisine will satisfy all the wishes even of the most fastidious client, and the very attraction in the “Ezeroto” is the Balkan trout that is fished on the spot and prepared upon your request.