Belmeken Dam

Belmekene Reservoir is a beautiful place that you must visit when you are in the Kostenets area. Belmeken is a dam located at an altitude of 1923 m above sea level along the course of the Sestrim river, Rila Mountains, and is part of the “Belmeken-Sestrimo-Chaira” cascade.

Belmeken is the highest embankment dam on the Balkan Peninsula. It is the highest dam with an embankment dam on the Balkan Peninsula. Belmeken fascinates with its beauty both in summer and in winter. He was baptized on Mount Belmeken.

The dam’s name means “Famous Place”. It is actually a mountain reservoir with the highest height in Eastern Rila. It was built on the Kriva Reka River. The village of Sestrimo is the starting point for the dam, as is the locality of Yundola.

The road leading to it is maintained in good condition. You can go to the dam both for walking and fishing. If we are planning a trip there, we must not forget to bring warm clothes as the temperatures are low even in summer.

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