Trajan’s Gate

Trajan's Gate, also Trajan's Gate or Trajan's Gate, is the name of a mountain pass, an ancient Roman fortress, and a road tunnel in Ikhtimanska Sredna gora.

Skalovitets waterfall

From the Gurgulica hut, a red, striped marking starts, which will take you to the waterfall in about 40 minutes. The distance is about 2 km.

Belmeken Dam

Belmeken is the highest embankment dam on the Balkan Peninsula. It is the highest dam with an embankment dam on the Balkan Peninsula.

Walk to the Gurgulitsa hut

The hut is located 3 km from the Kurot Villas Kostenets, 10 km from the town of Kostenets, in the middle of the Rila mountain, in the Milikini Nivi area.
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