Skalovitets waterfall

From the Gurgulica hut, a red, striped marking starts, which will take you to the waterfall in about 40 minutes. The distance is about 2 km. The trail starts on an asphalt road to the left of the hut. After the courtyard of the hut, you come out to a long meadow. The marking continues at its lower end. The path goes sometimes along a wide dirt road, sometimes along very narrow forest paths. It is steep in places and protected by a railing. It descends in the direction of the waterfall.

There are designated rest areas before the steepest sections (after them when climbing) provided for the return journey. In wet weather it is quite muddy. When you reach the Skalovitets river, there is a built wooden gazebo, where you should turn off along the path to the right. It will take you to the foot of the waterfall. There is a bench where you can rest and enjoy the view.

On a narrow and steep path to the left of the waterfall (if you face), you can reach the first step. To climb to the top of the falls, continue up and turn right before the large rock at the level of the second step. Otherwise, you risk going too high and having to come back. If you continue 30m. along the river, you will reach another waterfall, several meters high. The descent is quite difficult, especially in wet weather.

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